Friday, September 23, 2011

810 Blogging Lab

The Differences Between Traditional Web Pages and Blogs

The difference between traditional web pages and blogs is beginning to be difficult to distinguish as more people are 'blogging' and more individuals wanting to promote themselves or product are using a blog platform to do just that. Traditional web pages are designed to give specific information, such as a place to purchase items (i.e., Amazon) or a place to locate specific information (i.e., reading site). These traditional pages are generally made up of many smaller sites that allow the large site to breakdown into more specific areas (i.e., Amazon is comprised of apparel, electronics, music, etc.). Blogs consist of a smaller, more personal set of information. Blogs, or web logs, are basically online journals used by individuals to distribute more personal information than a traditional web page. Blog topics can range from individuals posting cake recipes to mom's talking about raising a child with Autism to teachers posting information about the classroom so parents have easier access to the materials. Blogs can simply consist of one web page with time stamped entries. However, with the increase in blogging, social media, and social networking, blogs are beginning to morph into something looking more like a traditional web page. WordPress is a good example of a blogging platform that is developing into something more than just a web log.


  1. Do you think blogs are beginning to contain more factual information like regular web pages? Today it's so easy for a non-technical expert to offer factual information without the need to prepare a fancy web page.

  2. Yes, I think that people are beginning to use blogging sites to disseminate more information. Most of the blogger platforms are so easy to use, you don't really have to have an huge techie background. Even for embedding videos or widgets, most html coding can be found online for a quick copy and paste. I new NOTHING about embedding or coding before February when I started my work/tech blog. I also think the layouts and themes available through the blogging platforms are increasingly esthetically pleasing that people are happy with the way blogs can be visual portrayed. My re-occurring question from the summer and I'm curious if anyone has an opinion: blogger or wordpress? or is there another platform?