Friday, October 21, 2011

810 Creative Commons Lab

Halloween Pumpkins
Photo Attribution:
Original image: "Halloween Pumpkins"
by: Justin (lobo 235)
Released under an Attribution

I use images in my classroom weekly, if not daily. I use images to create lessons for the SMART Board, create visual supports for my students, and import images into voice output devices. When creating lessons, it helps the students understand concepts if there is an actual picture of what they are learning about. When concepts are not happening in the moment (for example, learning about Halloween before the day), it is necessary to create these opportunities. Hence, the reason I chose the image that I did. We are currently talking about Halloween so that students are ready for the sights and sounds of that night. I have to admit, I only knew a little bit about copyright and creative commons before this lab. This lab has peaked my interest, especially with images and written materials that I use on my classroom blog. After exploring Fickr, I created an account.

Here is the link to my flickr account with a photo that I have licensed with Creative Commons.
Flickr photo with Creative Commons

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  1. Loving this Halloween photo! And so very timely. Did this please or startle your students?