Sunday, November 20, 2011

811 Wikipedia and Wikispaces

Wikipedia and Wikispaces offer great potential for collaboration and information sharing. In this lab, the objectives were to:
  • Understand how technologies like wikis offer collaborative advantages over other technologies
  • Edit, add or delete content within Wikipedia
  • Create your own wiki using a free web service
After completing this lab, I would have to say that my knowledge of these collaborative tools have exceeded the objectives. My understanding of the benefit of Wikipedia was increased as well as an increase in the options within Wikispaces.

For the Wikis lab, completed the editing task on my school district's Wikipedia article as my individual school was not listed. On the Princeton City School District's Wikipedia page, a list of the schools within the district was displayed. As my contribution, I created a link to the Evendale webpage and added information about the school. The graphic below documents my contribution to the site.

For the Wikispaces section of the lab, I began a tech Wiki (Evendale Tech) to be utilized by my school as a resource for teachers as we begin an initiative to introduce teachers to the web 2.0 tools available and the uses within the classroom. This Wikispace will compliment my StAIR project which will be dedicated to introducing Web 2.0 tools to educators.

~ Melanie

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  1. How great that your wiki will dovetail into your plan for using the StAIR and developing PD for your colleagues -- I love when all the different projects can work together like this.