Thursday, March 1, 2012

Group Leadership Project

For the Group Leadership Project, our group chose to create our project around the ShowMe iPad app. For our project, many tools were used to create the end product. First, Bill, Randy, and myself created our individual ShowMe's using the iPad app and uploaded them to the ShowMe website. As a group we used Google Presentation to storyboard and begging the script for the project. Sarah acted as the director. She took the storyboard and script ideas and created a narrated, powerpoint presentation. From there, I took the presentation and imported into Keynote and embedded the ShowME videos. Next, I imported the Keynote presentation into iMovie to create the final product. So, in short, the final production was done in iMovie and uploaded to You Tube for easy sharing and embedding.

The final product development took a little long than I anticipated mostly because I am new to using a mac, but I wanted to explore and learn about this programs available. I learned that powerpoint imports very well into Keynote with most of the formatting intact. I learned that it isn't always easy to export from Keynote and have the finish product what you are expecting. I learned how to use iMovie and I am now a HUGE fan. I can't even imaging how I could have done a project as easily and with the a similar result on a PC.

If I were to create a similar project, I would begin creating it in iMovie from the beginning. The options for adding pictures, videos, and audios were so much easier (or at least easier to learn) than anything I have ever used. With that being said, I'm to sure that using iMovie or even powerpoint is the best for creating a multimedia, collaborative project. I need to explore other options for multimedia collaborating when working with a group of people.

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