Sunday, February 19, 2012

Data Visualization

For my data visualization, I chose to use the "Show Summery of Responses" option in Google Spreadsheet. I was interested in gaining the visualization of this data because it was related to the results of the survey I created for my Wicked Problem Project. For me, I was a much easier to way to see how the respondents responded. According the the survey, 5 respondents were not interested in a lesson demonstration within their classroom; whereas 4 were interested. The second questions was related to observing my students using the SMART Board within in my classroom. Here 8 respondents showed an interest in observing within my classroom.

Responses to questions from SMART Board survey for my WPP 

I also did a visualization of my diigo tags. I have been using diigo as a social bookmarking tools for about 8 months. I bookmark for a variety of educational topics so I was very curious on how the sites I bookmark were distributed. Here is a screenshot of my diigo tags. My top tags relate around technology, AT (assistive technology), web 2.0 tools, and education. You can also see that i Pad and sped (special education) are also frequently tagged.

I'm not sure that I had an AH-HA moment while creating these visualization. I think that my AH-HA moment came when I was watching the TEDxLansing video. So many times I think that we (educators, society) get caught up in the words. That video really made me think on how sometimes a picture or graphic would make the difference between a student "getting" a concept or not! I will be discussion UDL with some teachers over the next couple weeks and I plan on discussion this concept, possibly showing part of that TEDx video.

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