Sunday, February 12, 2012

GLP PART A - Brainstorm Session via Web Conferencing

The web conferencing session was a little difficult from most of us having trouble finding the link to trying to conference in a small hotel room with children sleeping. We used the adobe connect "classroom" so that we would have the opportunity to use the video, audio, and screen recoding capabilities. We experienced issues with audio. (We could hear a member, but he had difficulty hearing us.) I also lost internet connection for a few minutes which resulted in having to reconnect and enter the room. Adobe connect is new to must of us (I think) and our experiences have been limited to the MSU sessions. I think for next time I would choose a conferencing tools that I am more familiar with such as Skype or Google or facebook chat.

Within the classroom, I could see web conferencing being very valuable. I could see if being used to bring field trips "into" the classroom as budgets are getting tighter. I could see it being used to connect classrooms from around the city, state, or world. From a special education perspective, web conferencing could be used to hold meetings with parents when they cannot make it to school or help bridge the home/school gap when students are on home instruction. I think the most interesting use of web conferencing that I have recently heard about it speech therapy via Skype. Not sure the it is as good as face to face, but the potential to provide therapy when otherwise there would be none is something to think about.

For our Group Leadership Project, we are choosing to create a tutorial for the iPad app ShowMe. It is an interactive whiteboard app that allows you to record what is written on screen and voice. This presentation can they be posted to the web to allow for introduction of information, reteaching, or for extension activities. Show Me could be used within various subjects and across multiple grade levels.

Here is a partial transcript of the chat portion. The session was recorded as well, but due to  some of the internet issues in the hotel I was demoted from host. Thanks to Melissa for posting our Adobe session link.


  1. I am really happy to see someone is defining the value of web confrencing. In current time it has really its own importance. It is time savvy and much cheaper than other means of telecommunication. In education field it has created the new hieghts as you can see the schools and colleges are also being lash with all the latest equipments. Audio Transcription is also a good way to be in touch with your freinds or relatives..

  2. I am glad you tried it though! Once you use Adobe Connect as many times as I have, it becomes old hat and you figure out all the tricks to make sure it works. I checked out my iPad and I did not even realize I had already downloaded the Showme app. I have so many now that I forget what I have! I am looking forward to seeing how different it is than Screenchomp.
    I have also heard about speech therapy using Skype. It makes sense as long as it is a good connection. I also have had difficulties getting good audio with Skype when having multiple people on it. You do have to have good bandwidth and everyone should have a microphone.