Sunday, February 19, 2012

GLP Part B - Storyboard and Script

For our storyboard and script, we utilized Google Presentation to organizes the project. I found this to be a very effective way to collaborate on the storyboard as we all could view and edit the presentation. The speaker's notes section worked out as a section to create the script. As I created a slide for the storyboard, I would then type what I would say if I was "talking" about the slide.

Each of the team members with iPads (Bill, Randy, and myself) created a ShowMe video relating to our given subject area. We posted the link into the storyboard. Sarah was the "stage manager" of the group. She organized the production "how to's" of the presentation and transferred the information into a powerpoint presentation for final production.

In an effort to have the script all in one place, I copied and pasted the "speaker notes" into a doc. Here we can continue to collaborate and fine tune the script in preparation for the final production. The script can be found here.

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